Why me?

“I am in a different mood and mode today! Amazing feeling it is, for sure! I know today what they call an “out-of-this-world” feeling”, delirious with joy and drowned in absolute pleasure, she kept thinking to herself!


He asked her, “Why me?”.

She smiled, and said, “Because this question comes to your mind, and because you ask; Because you want an answer to this; Because you care to know what makes me love you; And because you’re you.. that’s why I chose you! Most men wouldn’t think of it. Rest others, who ever think of it, don’t dare to ask this question; for they fear of making their girl ponder on those lines. For if she is capable to answer, she most probably would reject them; And if she is not, the existence of the question ceases to matter! There would be only a very few men who will have this unquenchable thirst to know the ‘why’ behind this and everything else. And since you asked it, I hope you know why-you.”

He smiled back to her. And after a moment he drove her to that “another world” again…


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