for you

you won’t say a word.. i know that!

for you’re the biggest coward mother earth has produced;

for you are a man, and a born coward!

and guess what? that doesn’t surprise me a bit!

even if you say that you’re not being coward and that you don’t feel what I feel, I would trust you- trust you, instantly!

for i know, you don’t even dare to listen to what they say – all your senses;

you can’t hear the cries they make to you day in and day out for your ear is noisepacked from the bullshit of this fallacy we – me and you – live in and call by different names to hide the impotency and cowardice of ours;

but, i am ready to face the worst- for the worst seems to give me an ecstatic pleasure you won’t ever be able to take which;

you accept the separation for you have a thousand reasons in the world to justify your stand;

but, i have just one, simple but plain, reason to stick to my stubbornness- to keep longing for you;

and that feeling of mine is as true as the existence of me and you;

so if we are here, in this world, together – in same century, time and zone, and if this all is not a dream, and if for once in my life i have the right to live my life, i am going to long for you forever and ever.

i am not asking you to love me back, if at all;

but could you just be so kind to allow me to keep loving you madly in my consciousness, and in my unconsciousness?


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