Excerpts from self-discovery

You’re just mean; for you’re closest to the image that seems to complete me by all means.

I so long to become yours. But I’m lost!  Now please don’t ask me, “where to”? If I have had the slightest clue about it, I would have brought myself back to me! I am searching for ‘me’ for so long now; but it seems it’s the most futile task I could attempt to do for it takes me into a recursive loop of self-discovery for all I find in me is ‘you’ and in you ‘me’.

In the meantime I have discovered how much I hate the idea of your confrontation with these feelings of mine. I don’t seem to enjoy living that ‘moment of  life’, Yes- I call it a ‘moment of ‘life’ for the purpose of life seems to have condensed into this one very moment.  For I know it shall put an end to my ever longingness. It is certainly very rude and indeed inhuman to take away one’s most lovely and perhaps only reason of living from oneself.

And so I profoundly wish that you remain silent and ignorant as you will anyways be!





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