Identifying the meaninglessness

Figuring out the meaning of all meaningless things that you keep doing is a pleasurable job, for you know that the outcome is not so meaningless than the process involved. It’s not a mere thought that sticks your mind every once in a while. It in fact is the result of the constant turmoil that continues in your very brains even when you’re working on something meaningful, or when you’re not working at all.

Let’s assume that your mind is in the state of peace after you’ve achieved something recently, and you want to lay on a cozy bed and forget about rest of the world. Then while staring at space for about a measurable and sufficient amount of time, you all-of-a-sudden realize the futility of that pleasure which is derived from a meaningless objective. Then it hits you- right at the center of your brain from where the thoughts begin to originate and cease to end. This realization seems to diminish all the knowledge that you claim to possess or the ignorance you ignore to repudiate.

One cannot force the other person to think about the things whose existence is unknown. These thoughts are there, lying in the bottom of the pool of thoughts, but your mind is captivated with worldly little pleasures, and these are light in value and meaning, so they float on surface, and thus you are so helpless to realize the presence of the former in your own brain. You need to go deep in your thoughts, penetrating the ideas that amuses you, keeping you from every little distraction, and if only when you’ve finally realized that you too are capable to think beyond those, you can start looking at the bigger picture and some more meaningful or say, actually meaningful things.


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