I hope I am not retarded thinking about the things that can depress someone without any reason! – Parul Duggal

Hypocrites they are: all of them! And the best thing is that they show the other ‘not-actually-present’ part of their psyche more beautifully or say,  f@#kingly than original one. What makes them to be a hypocrite? Because all these b@#tards are incapable of projecting the real image, for they know how much the world would hate them for that. But, who would actually hate them? How can a man hate another man for he is so much like him. Can’t they see that this place is full of b@#tards? Whom are they afraid of? Can darkness be afraid of darkness? I don’t find anything more contrasting and matching at the same time.

Why don’t you just announce this place a real political game- “Come and join us if you enjoy everything but not work; if you are a man of everything but not character”. Ah, what I just said, “Character”? Ha! I will soon forget the meaning and use of words if I continue to be in a place like this, among people like them. But is that their mistake or mine? I am unable to be a part of their group as opposed to other social animals. Does that mean I am not a good animal, as I should be? Should I be happy or sad on this? Because this inability seems more pleasing than most of my capabilities. I wonder if I am allowed to behave in a manner one doesn’t or shouldn’t? But do you really see how you behave, for your mind is captivated with what others want from you. This is what takes you into an infinite loop.

Trying to organize randomness; to feel the feelings; to sing the unsung. There must be a space in time, where I can stand for a moment. If only I could hold it from the front, and just let it not move, I would have asked you what drives you do all that bullshit? Am i alone thinking all this or do you also feel the same in your thoughts of thoughts. Is it my weakness or your strength for you can’t see what I see. This drives me crazy day and night.

If I tell you what I think, you would call me mad- not just you, everyone infact! So should I stop thinking this way? Can’t I even think what I want to? Am I not free in my thoughts? But if I continue doing so, I know I would hate you so much that I would soon want an end to all starts. This would end you; this would end me.. Is this what I want? Or I want you to take a ride in the terrain of my thoughts?


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